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Worn Wear - Rear Zip

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**As these are used or discontinued items, your desired option may not be available. You can see our new wetsuits here. Alternatively - please get in touch to ask about our worn wear range.**

Buying used and discontinued wetsuits has less impact on the planet. 

Landfill is full of clothes and gear that have been worn only a little, or not at all. One of the best things we can do for the planet is keep stuff in use longer and reduce our overall consumption. That means buying less and repairing more. A throwaway mentality doesn’t bode well for our planet. 

Our worn wear and discontinued items are all in good condition to keep using. We do not sell worn or discontinued items that are not fit for use.

This program is inspired by Patagonia, a company who are "in business to save our home planet".

Size Guides:
Click here for our female size guide.
Click here for our juniors size guide.

Sustainable Materials

Shark Stop wetsuits are made with one of the lowest carbon footprint material of all wetsuits currently on the market. We choose to make our wetsuits with bio neoprene. This type of neoprene isn't just more durable and flexible, but it's environmentally friendly as well. Our ocean and wildlife are at the front of our mind when manufacturing a product that will spend most of its time in use in the ocean. Using bio neoprene is our way of combating the abundance of environmentally polluting petroleum neoprene wetsuits that are currently being sold around the world.

Coexistence is Key

With this new type of wetsuit, we hope to make people realise that human safety is in our hands, killing sharks will not keep us safe, and the health of our oceans relies on healthy shark populations. By changing people's perceptions of the importance of sharks and how we can coexist with them, rather than dominate them, we aim to bring to light many other issues threatening our sharks. Hopefully, when people realize we can coexist they will be more willing to see the negative impact we are having on these animals and will speak up and demand change.

Responsible Use

Prohibited Conduct: Our wetsuits are designed to provide protection and enhance your ocean experience. We strongly advocate for respectful and responsible interactions with all marine life. Engaging in inappropriate or dangerous behavior with sharks while wearing a Shark Stop wetsuit is strictly prohibited. Such actions not only endanger your safety but also contribute to the negative impact on marine life. This includes, but is not limited to, riding a shark’s fin or any other provocative actions that can lead to a “provoked attack,” as defined by the International Shark Attack File, or touching of a shark in any way, other than to redirect for safety reasons.

Promote Positive Interactions: We believe in coexisting peacefully with marine life and we encourage all Shark Stop wetsuit wearers to promote safety and awareness within the marine environment. When you’re out in the water, always strive to observe and enjoy sharks and other marine animals from a safe distance. Avoid any actions that might disturb or provoke these creatures. Share your positive experiences responsibly and help educate others on the importance of respectful and non-provocative interactions with marine life. Remember, our goal is to ensure a harmonious relationship with the ocean’s inhabitants, promoting mutual respect and safety.

Warning & Safety

Participating in watersports in the vicinity of sharks is an inherently dangerous activity. If a shark is sighted, get to safety as soon as possible and do not stay in the water.

Sharks can be unpredictable and dangerous and we encourage people to wear a Shark Stop wetsuit when working in, or enjoying the ocean, in order to reduce the extent of bodily injury caused by shark bite.

While extensive testing has been performed in the development of the materials used in Shark Stop wetsuits to reduce the degree of bodily injury caused by shark bite, Shark Stop wetsuits must not be considered as a life saving device and Shark Stop accepts no liability for personal injury and/or death resulting from the use of Shark Stop wetsuits.

The materials used in Shark Stop wetsuits are designed only to reduce the extent of skin penetration caused by shark bite and Shark Stop wetsuits provide no protection from the pressure impact of a shark bite (eg. bruising, crushing and/or breaking of bones and other bodily damage) or from drowning caused by shark bite.

Wearing a Shark Stop wetsuit will not reduce the likelihood of a shark bite or prevent death by shark bite.


We are proud to offer exchanges. However, we do not offer free returns. Our reasoning: data shows that free returns increases sales; however, it also indicates that more orders are being placed before careful assessment of size guidelines. This increases outgoing and returned shipments - a consequence affecting our environment. The only proven way to decrease the negative impact of this is through mindful shopping. Prevention is key - make sure you read our sizing chart carefully.

Wet suits should be fitted to ensure maximum warmth and comfort in the ocean, however they should not be uncomfortable or restrict movement. Wetting your wet suit will make it easier to get on.

We accept returns of unworn, unwashed and undamaged items within 30 days of purchase for an exchange or store credit.

Please note, there is less stretch in our wetsuits due to the nature of the material itself.