R&D Pipeline

As an ocean impact start-up doing pioneering work in the shark bite mitigation space, we have a lot of plans to be able to protect more people, with more products. Unfortunately, we can't do everything all at once, but we are able to share our plans so you know what is coming. 


  • Streamlining manufacturing process and improving fulfilment issues. 
  • Refining suit designs from the prototype suits launched in 2022 on Kickstarter


  • Developing and launching two-piece Freedive suit
  • Developing and launching a Boardshort / Jammer product 
  • Developing and launching a Tri Suit product 
  • Exploring collaborations to place shark stop protection in the wetsuit of manufacturers
  • Series A fundraising round


  • R&D of new colourways, specifically in camouflage patterns (tailored to shark eyesight)
  • R&D of new colourways in 'scare off' patterns


We welcome input, feedback, and inquiries from both consumers, and also potential partners who may wish to collaborate with us to bring shark bite mitigation to broader markers: partnerships@sharkstop.co