Size Chart


Please measure in bathers to get the most accurate measurements

Height: This measurement should be taken barefoot. The easiest way to get this measurement is for the customer to stand with their heels against a wall and look straight ahead. Make a small mark utilising a pencil or piece of tape on the wall level with the tallest part of their head then have them step away so you can take the measurement.

ARM LENGTH (Neck to Wrist): Keep arm at side relaxed and measure from the base of the neck to the edge of the shoulder then to the customer’s wrist.

Chest: Have the customer lift their arms. Place tape around the chest/bust at nipple level. Have the customer lower their arms then check that the tape is horizontal front and back before taking the measurement. Measurement is taken relaxed - not with chest expanded.

Waist: This measurement should really be called a “stomach” measurement. Measurement is taken at the largest part of the waist/stomach. The easiest way to do this is find the waist point on the customer’s back and then make sure the tape is horizontal as you measure around the stomach to the front.

Hips: Have the customer stand at 90 degrees to you when taking this measurement. Look for the widest part of the seat (bum) and measure ensuring that the tape is horizontal.

Thigh: This measurement of the upper thigh is taken at crotch level. Ensure that the tape is horizontal and is not over lower buttocks.

LEG LENGTH (Crotch to Ankle): Place a ruler between legs right at crotch level. Have the customer stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart, looking straight ahead. Take measurement from top edge of the ruler as close to the body as possible, down the inside of the leg to the inside ankle knuckle.

Shark Stop Measurement Sizing Guide

Shark Stop Wetsuit Sizing Guide