Here you will learn more about us and why our mission to empower everyday ocean goers with confidence to live out their adventures freely is so important to us and our founder.


Our mission is to empower everyday ocean goers with confidence to live out their adventures freely.


The Shark Stop journey started as a response to the worrying number of shark bite incidents on the north coast of New South Wales. Haydon Burford, our founder, spent four years researching a suitable fabric to develop a shark bite-resistant wetsuit before progressing to the testing stage through Charlie Huuveneers, Head Research into Sharks at Flinders University.

Shark Stop fabric has been put through rigorous testing with live shark bites as well as in the laboratory at Flinders University and has performed extremely well. These results have been peer-reviewed by a scientific panel. This research has found that the fabric can withstand the considerable force of the shark bite, while sustaining minimal pin-prick size punctures on only the most severe bite attacks, to prevent the catastrophic blood loss and loss of limbs that cause death in many shark attacks.

Our goal is to limit blood loss as much as possible to allow time for first responders to arrive and treat the patient.


Born in Adelaide, Haydon started surfing when he was 19 and it became a life-long obsession. Now retired and living at Lennox Head on the North Coast of NSW, Haydon has spent the past four years working on the development of fabric to protect surfers from the danger of death or severe injury from shark bites, after a number of terrible attacks in this region.

His connections through the surf industry have helped bring the development of this fabric to life. His work finally culminated in the successful research and trailing of the fabric we now know as Shark Stop with Great White Sharks in their natural habitat near the seal colonies of the Neptune Islands off Pt Lincoln, South Australia. This was a peer-reviewed study and was conducted by researchers at the Flinders University of South Australia.

Haydon is excited to bring this product to market and achieve his original goal of helping keep ocean goers safe.


As part of our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, we proudly contribute 1% of our annual revenue to the '1% for the Planet' initiative, supporting impactful environmental causes worldwide.



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