Shark Stop 

Warning & Safety Information 

Participating in watersports in the vicinity of sharks is an inherently dangerous activity. If a shark is sighted, get to safety as soon as possible and do not stay in the water. 

Sharks can be unpredictable and dangerous and we encourage people to wear a Shark Stop wetsuit when working in, or enjoying the ocean, in order to reduce the extent of bodily injury caused by shark bite

While extensive testing has been performed in the development of the materials used in Shark Stop wetsuits to reduce the degree of bodily injury caused by shark bite, Shark Stop wetsuits must not be considered as a life saving device and Shark Stop accepts no liability for personal injury and/or death resulting from the use of Shark Stop wetsuits. 

The SharkStop fabric used in the Shark Stop wetsuits is designed only to reduce the extent of skin penetration caused by shark bite and Shark Stop wetsuits provide no protection from the pressure impact of a shark bite (eg. bruising, crushing and/or breaking of bones and other bodily damage) or from drowning caused by shark attack. The Neoprene sections within the wetsuit are included for flexibility and functionality and this fabric has not tested to reduce the impact of a shark bite and Shark Stop makes no claims or warranties against the effect of a bite over these areas

Wearing a Shark Stop wetsuit will not reduce the likelihood of a shark bite or prevent death by shark bite