There have been multiple mentions in the media during the past three years of the development of Shark Stop. Read the media articles below from some of the biggest traditional and online media outlets.

Australian man tackles increasing number of shark attacks with high-tech wetsuit
The shark-proof wetsuit about to hit the market in Queensland 

"Last year there were more deaths from shark attacks than anywhere else in the world - but a new invention could hold the solution."

– 7 News

Shark Resistant Wetsuit

"If the person is wearing this kind of fabric [it] can still reduce the severity of these injuries when someone gets bitten by a shark"

– Sunrise

Great White Shark-Proof Wetsuit | Studio 10

"The wetsuit of the future is here! Surfer Haydon Burford has created a wetsuit that can absorb the blow of a great white shark bite, giving surfers and swimmers a better chance at surviving an attack."

– Studio 10

Scientists Develop Wetsuit That Could Protect Swimmers From Fatal Shark Attacks

"The potentially lifesaving wetsuit, made from a thicker fabric, could help reduce blood loss, the main cause of death in shark attacks."

– 7 News

Shark Proof Wetsuit Material Could Save Lives

"With the increasing number of shark bites globally and in Australia, there's a clear need to try and mitigate the severity of those attacks."


‘Shark Proof’ Material Tested on Great Whites | Nine News Australia

"A revolutionary new material could help protect surfers during shark attacks. It's been tested by researchers who say it could reduce blood loss and even save lives."

– 9 News

Scientists Develop ‘Shark-Proof’ Wetsuit Materials To Withstand Great White Bites

 "The [study] results showed that more force was required to puncture the new materials, while the punctures that were sustained on the new materials were shorter and shallower than those on the standard neoprene."

– Lad Bible


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